Our Strengths, Your Advantages!

Kang Nam Translation Corporation comprises the career knowledge, and hands-on know-how necessary to provide the best possible service, especially in the fields of contracting and legal documents. And in the fields of architectural and civil construction, our translation experts possess more than twenty years in those fields.

With such strong emphasis on contracting, legal documentation and engineering, we are able to provide economical service in the fields of Intellectual Property (Patents and Trademarks), and Trade & Information Communication. In other fields such as the Medical Sciences, translation is performed and reviewed directly by the team leader personally. And, to make our services even more cost effective, we have developed a membership program where our members can take advantage of even greater economy with their translation needs.

#403 (Chilbo Bldg, Seocho-dong), 21 Beopwon-ro 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code 06596)
Phone : 82-2-533-0745 (Key number), Fax : 82-2-533-7491
E-mail : 365ts@daum.net