Welcome to Kang Nam Translation Corporation!

For a translation company to be effective, it must have leadership and management with direct professional experience in the field. And this is what sets Kang Nam Translation Corporation apart from all the rest.

For the accurate and efficient translation of technical and other special documents, career expertise in specialized fields is far more important than the skill of language itself. Accordingly, a company with such a philosophy can be economically operated when the translation personnel are career language veterans in the corresponding fields.

But when it is impossible for all expert language personnel to possess careers in such special fields, the reviewing editor must have that experience.

In such cases, the exchange of information and expert opinion between the translator and the reviewing editor will play a great role in providing the necessary quality for perfect translation.

Accurate translation is at times grueling and tedious, and often requires true courage and dedication to meet the challenges presented, in order to provide the best support for clients' critical needs. With Kang Nam Translation Corporation, management and all staff members provide unparalleled quality to clients, with the complete integration of courage, diligence and the harmonious exchange of information, to get the job done right.

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